Lamond-Riggs/Lilian J. Huff Library Concrete Benches Installation Date & Heritage Wall Update

From DC Public Library

Lamond-Riggs Library closure on Saturday May 20, 2023 to enable installation of concrete outdoor benches.

The much awaited outdoor concrete benches and the DDOT approval to set these benches with a crane are in place for Saturday, May 20, 2023 installation and the Library will be closed to the public for the day.  

In the small likelihood that a subsequent day is needed to complete installation of these concrete benches with a boom truck, a separate notification will be provided for date and logistics.

Per the DDOT approved traffic control plan:

  • On Friday, May 19, DDOT will install no parking signs along Kennedy St. & Jefferson Ave.
  • Starting at 5:00 PM, the no parking will go into effect.
  • On Saturday, May 20, the crane is scheduled to arrive at 4:00 AM, and the installation of benches will take place until 7:00 PM. The crane will leave around 7:00 PM on Saturday, May 20.
  • The crane and two tractor trailers will initially be set up at the intersection of South Dakota Ave & Jefferson Street. Over the course of the day, the two tractor trailers will move to Kennedy St. and the crane will move to the library parking lot.
  • Library parking lot will be off- limits.
  • Access to Jefferson Street from South Dakota Ave will be blocked.
  • Kennedy Street will be partially blocked, however, traffic will continue in both directions.
  • Residents/Visitors that typically turn onto Jefferson St would be rerouted by a flagger at Chillium Pl & Jefferson St.
  • Sidewalk access on Jefferson Street will be blocked and foot traffic will be diverted across South Dakota Ave.
  • General traffic will be rerouted per the detour signs installed by DDOT – see diagram  below

Traffic detour and crane set-up diagram

Conceptual rendering of benches. Actual placement will be coordinated onsite with landscape architect.

Heritage Wall Update – Installation Coming Soon

The community-sourced photos and fabric swatches for the Heritage Wall have been translated into a digital collage by Artist Michelle Lisa Herman – see rendering below. 

The physical wall covering is in production by the graphic wall covering sub-contractor.

Start date finalization is underway for the four-week Heritage Wall Art installation.

During these four weeks, the monumental staircase will not be available to patrons.

The install will include temporary removal of the glass railing, installation of scaffolding, and wall preparation before the wall covering can be adhered. 

The work for this will be done during the day, typically between 7:00 AM & 3:30 PM.

During these four weeks, the maximum allowable occupants on the second floor will be limited to 49 occupants. Patrons will access the second floor using the elevator, and the back staircase will be used for emergency exit only.

Branch manager David Gaston and his team at the library will enable ease of access to the patrons as this work begins.

Heritage Wall rendering

Any general questions can be directed to Library’s Community engagement liaison Martha Saccocio at her email:

Any time-sensitive Construction Safety issues can be reported to Consigli Construction Onsite project manager Zachary Turner at 774.573.7192.

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