Meow Wolf out at Art Place at Fort Totten

A lot of residents have asked questions about the status of the second phase of Art Place at Fort Totten, also known as the “FEZ at Art Place” or” Block B.” I have confirmed with the development team from the Cafritz Foundation that Meow Wolf (which was to anchor the second phase) will no longer be part of the project. The good news is that the development team is looking at another experiential tenant for this phase, and they will be making an announcement about that in the near future. The remainder of the previously announced tenant mix for Block B (children’s museum, food hall, Aldi grocery store, arts/maker spaces) remains the same at this point. The development team will likely submit a modification of consequence with the D.C. Zoning Commission at some point in the future to reflect the updated tenant mix. The expectation at this point is that the design of the buildings for this phase will largely remain the same as previously approved. (They previously filed a modification in spring 2020 to reflect some minor design changes. The Zoning Commission voted to approve those changes in June 2020, effective September 2020 (zoning case number 06-10E). We discussed that process here.)

The team is currently working through obtaining permits from DCRA to fully begin construction on the second phase. Meow Wolf’s departure from the project should not impact construction work/permits needed in the short term.

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    • I think the pandemic changed things for a lot of folks, made them look at their plans a little more carefully. Things were different a few years ago versus today in 2021 with many places just trying to hold on & make it through this public health crisis. They’ve been expanding pretty quickly–opened a location in Vegas earlier this year, supposed to be opening a location in Denver later this year, they had a location for Phoenix planned that has either been scaled down or tabled altogether. Just my guess. I’d been following Santa Fe media (where they’re headquartered) to see how they’d been handling the pandemic, so I’m not super surprised by this.

  1. Darn! I was really looking forward to their presence here. A visit to the Santa Fe location a couple of years ago left a deep impression. Hopefully something equally transformative will take its spot.

  2. That stinks. I’m not sure what else could go there that has the same impact. Do you know if 24 hour fitness has pulled out? We haven’t heard anything about it in over a year

    • They’ll have an announcement about the gym soonish. I didn’t put it in the post because I’ve been told they’re going to have an announcement about that in the next couple of weeks, thereabouts.

  3. What can we do to stop the developer from starting anything on Block C until all commercial spaces in the first two sections are filled in?

  4. NOOOOOOO! I really thought that the addition of Meow Wolf would bring something really special to the neighborhood. Hoping they can find something great.

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