Take the moveDC survey

If you missed the third round of public workshops for moveDC, the city’s long-term transportation planning initiative, there is still time to comment on the proposed draft.  The draft proposes a blended approach (pdf) to address transportation needs in the city.  The draft plan includes cycletracks along Riggs Road NE and South Dakota Avenue NE and an off-street path along Gallatin Street NE from Fort Totten to West Hyattsville.  The map shows fairly high mobility around Fort Totten, but there are still holes in transportation access between neighborhoods.  Take the survey to let DDOT know what you like about the draft plan and where there is room for improvement.

Fort Totten Metro Development Call for Propsals

On November 4, 2013, WMATA released its solicitation for proposals for transit-oriented development at Fort Totten metro station (pdf).  This solicitation includes only the large parking lot (called the West Parcel).  It does not include the short term parking, kiss and ride, bus bays, or taxi areas (these make up the East Parcel).  The submission deadline line is March 2014.

Large parking lot at Fort Totten slated for redevelopment

Large parking lot at Fort Totten metro station slated for redevelopment

The request calls for primarily residential development and a parking garage with at least 425 parking spaces.  The residential component can be rental, ownership, or both.  Metro contemplates it will contain at least 300 units in buildings up to seven stories.  The development must comply with inclusionary zoning laws. It may include street level retail (particularly closer to the metro entrance) and a childcare center.

The developer will have to double the number of bike racks and lockers and provide a bike & ride facility close to the Metropolitan Branch Trail.  The proposed development plan will have to improve bike connectivity in the area and bike lanes to connect to trails are encouraged.  The solicitation notes that a bikeshare station is planned for the west parcel and that DDOT plans to construct a segment of the MBT west of the station.

Just as a highlight, the cover letter to the solicitation states the proposals should promote quality development and placemaking and “emphasize principles of transit oriented development: safe walkable and attractive communities providing synergy with the transit service.”  The solicitation notes the forthcoming development of Fort Totten Square and Art Place at Fort Totten.  Once all of these projects are complete, the area around the metro will look very different.  As mentioned on the Fort Totten walking tour, community residents hope the development will not look like a suburban project (like Aventine at Fort Totten).  It is worth taking a look at all of the details of the request for proposals beginning on page 21 of the linked document.