Murals in the neighborhood

The Washington City Paper recently reported on locations around the city that will get new murals in the latest round of installations by MuralsDC.  Many moons ago, a neighbor and I were discussing this mural called “Life Creates Music,” by Joel Bergner, along Riggs Road NE, just east of South Dakota Avenue.  

Neighborhood Mural

“Life Creates Music” mural by Joel Bergner along Riggs Road NE

We talked about buildings in the neighborhood that might be a good spot for a mural.  He thought a good candidate would be the insurance building on Riggs Road that recently received a paint job.  I think a mural might be nice on the Food & Friends building on Riggs Road.  Since it is a relatively new building (Food & Friends moved into the building in 2004), it actually looks pretty nice for an industrial building.  Despite its newness though, it does stand out with its dark brown color.  There is a mural inside the building to warm up the industrial feel, so why not add a mural on the outside to brighten things up for passersby as well.  What are some other locations in the neighborhood that might be prime candidates for a mural?  


One response

  1. I do not know why I never sent this suggestion in earlier, but the entire wall of the Backus, now UDCCC-is it 3 Cs, anyway the wall in what was a basketball court could use a mural. It is on Galloway right down the street for Fort Totten Metro station. It is a great space and could be inviting…instead of what it currently looks like.

    Another location is the overpass on Riggs Road, that the trains from the station go over. It is a dark and not so pleasant are under there, that is beginning to have more and more foot traffic.

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